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Python Syntax Highlighter for adam.szieberth.hu                 

I finished with  a Python script  which makes me able to  easily
add syntax highlighted Python code to my pages.                 

This was a preparation step, as there are some Python scripts on
the line to be shared soon!                                     

The following code highlighted itself:                          

--[ syntax_py.py ]------================================================================------------------------

2021 Szieberth Ádám - Public Domain                                                                             

This script does the Python code syntax highlighting for Szieberth Ádám's                                       
personal webpage. As all the text content there are rendered with a monospaced                                  
font and are centered, all lines should have the same width to assure alignment.                                

The script does the syntax highlighting and it also adds the necessary number of                                
spaces to the end of each line.                                                                                 


python syntax_py.py [textwidth] [nohighlight] <mypyfile>                                                        

Output goes to "<mypyfile>.html".                                                                               


* `pygments` Python module must be installed.                                                                   

    import pygments                                                                                             
except ImportError:                                                                                             
    pygments = None                                                                                             
    from pygments.lexers import PythonLexer                                                                     
    from pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatter                                                               

import pathlib                                                                                                  
import sys                                                                                                      

if __name__ == "__main__":                                                                                      

    options = {"nohighlight": False}                                                                            

    if pygments is None:                                                                                        
        print(f'ERROR! Third party module `pygments` is missing.')                                              
        print(f'Hint: You can install it by calling `pip install pygments`.')                                   

    if len(sys.argv) < 2 or not pathlib.Path(sys.argv[-1]).is_file():                                           
        print(f'ERROR! Path of a (Python) file is assumed as last argument.')                                   

    textwidth = None                                                                                            
    for s in sys.argv[1:-1]:                                                                                    
        if s.isdecimal():                                                                                       
            textwidth = int(s)                                                                                  
        elif s in options:                                                                                      
            options[s] = True                                                                                   
            print(f'ERROR! invalid argument: "{s}".')                                                           
            print(f'Hint: Expected an integer textwidth or any of the following options:')                      
            for so in options:                                                                                  
                print(f'      * {so}')                                                                          

    p = pathlib.Path(sys.argv[-1]).resolve()                                                                    
    pext = p.suffix.strip(".")                                                                                  

    with p.open("r", encoding="utf-8") as f:                                                                    
        a = f.read()                                                                                            

    alinelens = [len(s) for s in a.split("\n")]                                                                 
    maxalinelens = max(alinelens)                                                                               
    textwidth = textwidth or maxalinelens                                                                       
    if textwidth < maxalinelens :                                                                               
        print("ERROR! Too low textwidth size!")                                                                 
        print(f'Hint: Its minimum is the highest column number which is {maxalinelens}.')                       

    if not options["nohighlight"]:                                                                              
        a = pygments.highlight(a, PythonLexer(), HtmlFormatter())                                               

    a = a.split("\n")                                                                                           
    result = "\n".join(s + (" "*(textwidth-w) if w else "") for s, w in zip(a, alinelens))                      

    po = p.parent / f'{p.stem}.{pext}.html'                                                                     

    with po.open("w", encoding="utf-8") as f:                                                                   
------------------------================================================================------------------------ For the moment I use the vim style which is fine for now but will likely to get changed in the future as soon as I progress with my color vision defficiency palette project. Stay tuned.