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Talaj-Info QGIS Module (2018 ..) Custom QGIS Module made in Python for the soil services company. [ IMAGE: Project Settings Dialog and View Mode Docker ] [ IMAGE: Excluded and Remaining Area Table Dialog ] [ IMAGE: Organic Matter Dose Dialog ] Talaj-Info (2013 .. 2014) Back in 2010 a friend of mine started a business doing soil ser- vices, and I joined to that. I did some of the field work and soon I started to write Python programs to evaluate lab results. These programs are used by the experts until today with absolute satisfaction. I started with a basic fertilizer calculator based on soil prop- erties: [ IMAGE: Tiny Fertilizer Calculator Based on Soil Properties ] The second and more complex program was coded with OOP. Fortu- nately it was reliable enough from the start. In the past years I needed to see my code in only a several times because of a bug fix or feature request. This experience convinced me to avoid OOP, as maintaining this code (despite being well tested and al- most completely bugfree) was a pain in contrast with my proce- dural coded programs which are a lot more transparent and fast. Anyway, this was coded in Python using NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib. The program import lab result data from their Excel files and is able to export tables and images for the scientific opinions. [ IMAGE: Project Load Table ] [ IMAGE: Soil Layer Evaluation Report ] [ IMAGE: Liquid Manure Properties Form ] [ IMAGE: Water Retention Curve Plot ]