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How to download a loanable book from archive.org?               
 1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions                 
 2. Download and install ePUBee DRM Removal             
 3. Loan the book for 14 days if you can and go immediately to  
    step 4.                                                     
    If you can only loan the book for one hour, you will need to
    forge the download link manually. First you will need a     
    working PDF download link template. You can obtain such by  
    borrowing any book for 14 days and by right clicking on the 
    ENCRYPTED ADOBE PDF in the DOWNLOAD OPTIONS section, and    
    choosing by Copy Link Address. Alternatively you can use the
    following template which should hopefully work for some     
    Once in the clipboard, open a new browser tab and paste it  
    into the address bar. Now you need to replace the BOOKID    
    part of the address with the ID of the book you've borrowed 
    for one hour. You can take the ID of the book by looking on 
    its address:                                                
    Once replaced in the address, hit Enter to download the     
    URLLink.acsm file and go to step 5.                         
    and download the URLLink.acsm file.                         
 5. Open Adobe Digital Editions                                 
 6. Drag and drop the downloaded URLLink.acsm file onto Adobe   
    Digital Editions' window. Alternatively you can go to the   
    File menu, Add to Library (Ctrl+O), change file type from   
    PDF and EPUB to ACSM and open the dwnloaded file. Once      
    opened, you should see a Downloading Content popup window   
    with a bar.                                                 
 7. Once downloaded, check the book in Adobe Digital Editions   
 8. Open ePUBee DRM Removal. It should offer you to Load Default
    eBooks from Adobe Digital Editions. Accept that. It will    
    decrypt all of your books there.                            
 9. Now right click to any of the books and choose to Explore   
    decrypted folder. There is your lovely book.                
10. You can return the borrowed book now in archive.org.