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How to download a private video from Facebook?                  

I was not able to find a valid guide on the internet to download
videos shared in private groups from Facebook.  Thus, I share my
solution here.                                                  

First, go to the Facebook group page and open developer tools in
your browser (F12 in Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+I in Opera, etc.). Go to
Network tab if not already there.                               

Now open your video and you will see an intense  flow of packets
on the list. Expand the Name column and wait some time. You will
see that the intensity of  the flow of packets is decreasing and
what comes are packets with fetch type named weirdly like this: 


The  actual numbers  are different.  You will need both media as
video and audio comes separately. If you want  different quality
then change it and wait again the new pair of fails to appear on
the list.  Once the  two files are identified,  you can stop the
video or the network recording.                                 

Next,  do a right click on one of the packets  and copy its link
address to your clipboard. Open a Notepad and paste it there.   


I wrapped the link above for readability using (⸗) as hyphen but
you should keep it in one line. Now you should delete the       


part of the link, and copypaste it back to a new browser tab.   

You can download the media by clicking on the three dots icon in
the bottom right corner of its frame. Repeat  with the other one
to have both the audio and video files on your disk.            

Now you should merge them.  For that, you should have FFmpeg in-
stalled on your PC and ffmpeg.exe added to your PATH. With that,
you can open a command prompt, navigate to your download folder,
and merge the media files with the following command:           

ffmpeg.exe -i 10000000_2964034854864626_6255007418487366317_n.m⸗
p4 -i 10000000_4461154981160358_4137876297292831253_n.mp4 -c co⸗
py out.mp4                                                      

You will get your merged media file in out.mp4.