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How to download a sub-only video from Twitch?                   

First you should have  FFmpeg  installed and ffmpeg.exe added to
your PATH.                                                      

Now go to your Twitch video page and open developer tools in the
browser (F12 in Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+I in Opera, etc.). Go to Net-
work tab if not already there.                                  

Play the video for about 10 seconds, then pause.                

Write m3u8 into the Network section filter box.                 

You will similar results to the following:                      


You need the fist one.  Right click the url and click  Copy then
Copy Link Address.                                              

Open a command prompt and write in the following command replac-
ing MYURL with the link in your clipboard.                      

ffmpeg.exe -i "MYURL" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc "out.mp4"    

You will get your merged media file in the out.mp4 with the best
quality possible.