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Hortirata (2023-01-08 .. 2023-01-25) A neat little puzzle game made with C99 & Raylib for LD52. Your goal is to equalize the count of resource tiles on the map. Tiny negative and positive signs indicate the surplus and shortage values. With a pick, the tile's value gets added to the adjacent tiles. itch.io Ludum Dare GitHub Hyperoid Re-Build Project (2021-09-07 .. 2021-09-10) Hyperoid is a Win16 clone of Atari's popular 1979 arcade game, Asteroids. Made by Edward Hutchins in 1991. It is one of the few games with source code available for the 16bit Windows paltform. I was able to build a working HYPEROID.EXE file from the source code. Unfortunately I was not able to build a bit-exact clone. GitHub GOLKIA (2020-04-19 .. 2020-04-24) GOLKIA stands for Game of Life Keep it Alive. Basically it is a Life sandbox. Made with Lua & LÖVE for the LD46 compo. Rest in peace John Horton Conway. itch.io Ludum Dare GitHub