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Dodgy Fix – Burned EDW1003 (EE228) Dishwasher Main Board        

Recently our old  Electrolux ESL 6124 dishwasher burned emitting
a black smoke on its right side. The repairer told us it is a no
fix as the main board received too much damage and we should buy
a new machine.                                                  

After he left, I opened the sentenced-to-death machine to see it
for myself, as there is nothing to lost there. I cleaned the PCB
with wire-brush and alcohol.                                    

The burned relay is shown with red and the destroyed  rails with
blue.  No other component seemed to get destroyed. This diagnose
was made after I examined the pictures of the PCB I found on the

I  measured the connections of  the components around and all of
them seemed fine.  The top side over the burned rails got humped
a little because of the heat but I expected that  the components
survived it. I started to hope I can fix the dishwasher. I did a
search  for a replacement relay and find the following available

    • HONGFA HF3FF/012-1ZST                                     
    • FINDER                                   
    • SONGLE SRD-12VDC-SL-C                                     
    • ZETTLER AZ943-1CH-12DE                                    

I ordered the HONGFA.                                           

The wires I had at hand are overkill. The connector got replaced
with cable shoes which were insulation striped later.           

I cleaned up the smoked parts and reassembled the machine.      

And it worked!                                                  

First I thought I failed because a programme light was turned on
no matter what button I pressed. However, after a cancel (reset)
action by pressing  the S2-S3 buttons together for some seconds,
the dishwasher worked as normal. Hurray!                        

Note that I should have fixed the relay with epoxy on the burned
side but I hope it will do fine without it as well.  This fix is
dodgy enough anyway.