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[2023-03-02 22:36]  

Demonstration of the steps of old comic magazine digitalization.
I am pretty satisfied with the result. Unfortunately, it is     
about net 15 mins work per page. Smart Smoothing is an AI       
function. #comics #digitalization #ArtificialIntelligence       

[2023-02-27 16:29]                                              

I can type in my phone number. Funny that someone who wrote     
three spelling errors in a single sentence does not trust my    
input. And why webshops are forcing customers to have mobile    
phones for shipping to an immovable estate?                     
#LifeWithoutMobilePhone @Jateksziget                            

[2023-01-26 09:26]                                              

I failed to pay on Steam via PayPal because it would force me to
give my debit or credit card which I do not have.               
#LifeWithoutBankCard #Steam #PayPal                             


It is Steam who forces you to give your card details. I am able 
to use my PayPal balance without this step with itch.io and     
bandcamp. Finally steam support closed my case. I gave my wife's
card details and payed solely from my PayPal balance. They want 
your data.                                                      

[2023-01-09 17:54]                                              

What a rush it was in the last two hours! I published my Ludum  
Dare 52 entry with a little disappointment as important TODO    
items remained unresolved. Anyway, I am satisfied with the game:


#LDJAM #LudumDare #LD52 #gamedev